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Consultation services for writers and bloggers

Blog/Website Basic Consultation 

I will review your blog/website and attached social media outlets to advise you on how to make the most of them for gaining more exposure, increasing likelihood of others sharing it, and how to position yourself to be more successful in achieving your goals.

We will work together to make a promotional plan that makes the most of your investment. By the end of our consultation, you should have an improved blog/website to organically increase readership.

$225 USD (90 minutes)

Professional Goal Setting for Bloggers and Writers

Are you:

  • On all social media platforms but mastering none?
  • Writing a book and not sure what to do next?
  • Not sure if you should or can monetize your blog?
  • Unclear as to how to get paid to write?
  • Considering rebranding yourself/your blog?
  • Wanting to move forward in your career but have too many ideas to pin down which to do first?

Sign up for this service and I will:

  • Send you a questionnaire to determine where you are, where you are trying to go, and what is getting in the way of that
  • Evaluate the existing brand/content/plan you have in place (if it exists)
  • Help decide which projects are most important
  • Advise on how to eliminate inefficiencies that get in the way of your project’s success
  • Work with you to determine a final direction in which to focus your time and energy

At the end of our consultation, you will have decluttered the path of distractions that get in the way of your goals, have a final simplified outline of your prioritized goals, and be prepared to take action in order to achieve them.

Price includes a 1 hour-long live FaceTime/Google Hangout chat to discuss strategy, plans, and answer any questions pertaining to the project.

$300 USD (2 hours)

Professional Goal Implementation for Bloggers and Writers

Have you decided on a specific goal and need help with the finer steps to implement in order to achieve it?

Have you already used my Professional Goal Setting for Bloggers and Writers service and are ready for the next step?

Sign up for this service, tell me your goal, and I will tell you the specific steps you need to take—and in what order to take them—to get there. Are you ready to:

  • Grow your social media fan base in a time-efficient way?
  • Promote your book?
  • Attract advertisers/brands/sponsorships?
  • Build your freelance resume and pitch your work professionally?
  • Rebrand yourself/your blog for a particular purpose?

At the end of our consultation, you will have a comprehensive list of action items to do in order to achieve your goal.

Price includes a 1 hour-long live FaceTime/Google Hangout chat to discuss strategy, plans, and answer any questions pertaining to the project.

$300 USD (2 hours)

Pick My Brain 

This service gives you a phone call or Google Hangout during which you can pick my brain about anything you have questions about in regards to writing and blogging, social media, and anything associated with that world.

You don’t need to be organized or have a plan for this to work for you. You just need to have questions–I can help guide you if you aren’t even sure what to ask.

This is for someone who simply wants to sit down with a professional writer/blogger and ask questions that might help you move forward with your own goals. Topics you can ask about include:

  • Blogging
  • Blog design
  • Graphics/Memes
  • WordPress
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Freelance writing
  • Moving from blogging for free to writing for pay
  • Monetizing your blog
  • Selling essays to anthologies
  • Self-publishing
  • Self-promotion (online and in person, such as book signings)
  • Writing sponsored content for your own blog or as a freelance writer
  • Writer’s block
  • Video (script writing, filming, editing, selling)
  • Having a professional online presence
  • Working with the media when you go viral
  • What to do when you go viral
  • Speaking engagements
  • The craft of writing (from Twitter-length to novels)
  • Balancing your personal life with your public presence as a writer/blogger

If I have done it, I’m more than happy to talk to you about it. Questions as to whether this is for you? Email or message me, and let’s talk.

$150 USD/hour

Social media and writing classes online and in NJ

Classes to Meet Your Group’s Needs

Whether you are part of a writing/author group, have a MTM sales team, run the PTA, or work at a local library that holds enrichment classes, you likely are always looking for ways to help those around you get better at what they love to do. I have experience teaching a variety of classes in a group setting on writing and social media. If you are in the New Jersey area, I likely can come to your location. If not, we can do the class over video. Each class can be tailored for the attendees’ experience level and unique need. Here is a list of suggested topics, but I am happy to hear what your community or team are looking for, and can let you know whether I can fulfill that need:

  • Social Media Basics
  • Social Media for Authors
  • Social Media for Parents
  • Social Media for Sales Teams (like MTM teams)
  • Blogging Basics
  • Blogging for Authors
  • How to Establish a Professional Online Presence
  • How to Be a Better Writer: Tips to Make You Shine
  • How to Create New Content and Never Experience Writer’s Block
  • From Blogger to Freelancer: How to Earn Money with Your Writing
  • From Blogger to Author: How to Make the Move to Getting Your Book Published

Each class will include a consultation beforehand so I can customize it for the audience, handouts, and a Q&A time.

$200 USD (90 minutes)
$250 USD (2 hours)
$350 USD (3 hours)
$450 USD (4 hours)

Promotional opportunities for bloggers, authors, and brands

Social Media Shares

Think your words will resonate with my audience of parents who love humor, relatable stories, funny tweets, and anything that keeps them entertained?

I’ll share anything you want from blog posts to videos to Facebook memes and more (that I believe will work for my audience) on the social media outlet(s) of your choosing: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram.

Drive more like-minded traffic from my online presence to yours. I’ll work with you to make sure I select the best of what you have that will fit my audience’s tastes.

$70 USD (2 shares)
$120 USD (4 shares)

Sponsored Blog Post

I have experience creating sponsored content both on my blog and for larger websites, such as Momtastic, LifetimeMoms, and NickMom. This includes written articles, designing graphics, and scripting/filming video. I balance the needs of the brand and tone of the platform to craft content in my unique voice that appeals to the desired audience and keeps them engaged. Some of the brands I have written sponsored material for include Walmart, Old Navy, Clorox, Popsicle, Hasbro, Levis Jeans, Glad, Hulu, Go-Gurt, Arm + Hammer, Disney Parks, Jimmy Dean, Natural Balance, various feature films, and made-for-television movies.

If you have a product or service that you would like to promote on Let Me Start By Saying via blog post, this is the basic $500 package:

  • One original blog post in my voice (most likely humorous), written after we discuss your goals for this sponsorship. It will both entertain and engage my readers, who are mostly women ages 25-44, and mostly parents. I recommend allowing me to craft an evergreen post, making it more shareable over time.
  • Multiple mentions of your product/service with links within the post.
  • Images in the blog post that are Facebook-friendly and Pinterest-friendly, labeled so as to make them more shareable.
  • A “tweet this post” link embedded for easier sharing.
  • Social media sharing buttons.
  • At least one share by me per outlet: blog subscribers, newsletter subscribers, Facebook Page, personal Facebook wall, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. Total of 65K+ fans (as of June ’17).

I am happy to entertain all ideas, whether for my site or yours.

$500 USD

Book Donation for Giveaway

Do you have a book you’d like to promote, but a limited budget to do so?

Each month I give away books (and other gifts) to a Sunday newsletter subscriber, and promote those items throughout the month to my 65K+ fans across social media. If you would like to include your book (all genres and target ages are welcome), please “purchase” this item and let me know what it is you would like to donate. I’ll contact you to coordinate delivery.

Please note that due to the free nature of this option, there is no guarantee of when the book will be promoted or which outlets it will be promoted on.


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“My company, Moxie Road Productions, hired Kim Bongiorno to craft a social media plan for the launch of my client’s memoir. Not only did Kim stick to our budget, but the launch plan she designed was thorough, detail-oriented, and covered every social media platform. The successful on-sale of a book relies on the ability to quickly capitalize on momentum – thanks to Kim’s plan and immediate response time to our needs, we kept the buzz going and captured those crucial early sales. I would hire her again in a heart beat!”
— Tarja Parssinen of Moxie Road Productions

“Kim’s consultation was one of the best investments I’ve made for my writing career. With so many ideas running through my mind and projects in motion, it was difficult to step back and formulate a plan. Her consultation and professional advice brought me clarity, management tools, and confidence to move forward. I highly recommend this service!”
– Alessandra Macaluso of PunkWife

“Kim’s insight as to how to improve my blog is invaluable. She thought of things to add and re-organize that I never would have thought of. I’m excited to implement these changes and watch my blog continue to grow. And her social media sharing was fabulous!”
– Toni Hammer of Is It Bedtime Yet?

“I thought I might generate a little traffic for my humor blog. When I saw the results, I immediately offered to marry Kim and carry her babies. ”
– Darcy Perdu of

“Kim is a generous and creative promoter, and manages to make the process both easy and fun for her lucky sponsors. Kim’s intimate and honest rapport with readers lends true value to sponsor shout outs. As the car dealer always wants me to say: “Highly Satisfied.””
– Peyton Price of

“It was easy, affordable, and has definitely brought more attention to my Etsy Store. Kim is always finding ways to get my store more attention on  Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. It was absolutely worth the investment!  Thank you, Kim!”
– Kelly of MyPrettyChicBoutique

Consultation services for Bloggers and Writers to help you achieve your goals with Kim Bongiorno of Let Me Start By Saying