Vermont Book Event Wrap-Up: Friends, Fun & Photos

Vermont solidified itself in my heart as a favorite place to visit this past weekend. I drove up from my home in New Jersey to attend the:

Laugh. Drink. Win.
book signing extravaganza for


Kim of Let Me Start By Saying
Brenna of Suburban Snapshots
Bethany of Bad Parenting Moments
Amy of Funny is Family
Andrea of Underachiever’s Guide to Being a Domestic Goddess

VT Book Signing #PeeAlone authors May 2013

It was all hosted by the amazing team of Amy & Tom, owners of the Whippersnappers Children’s Resale & More store in Brattleboro, Vermont. Click the button below to learn more about them on Facebook, as well as see photos taken during the event:

Whippersnappers Childrens Resale & More

There was wine provided by Windham Wines, handed out by a mom named Jess (one of the most adorable human beings I’ve ever wanted to put in my pocket), platters of apps to sate the hungry women who ran away from their families right at dinnertime, and plenty of shopping to be done.

Not only did we have a fun, interactive audience during readings, a laugh-out-loud time meeting people we’ve only “seen” on the internet as we signed books, and all sorts of delicious food and drink…but about a dozen local fans joined us for dinner afterwards at The Marina, who – to their credit – were incredibly patient with this large, loud, boisterously-laughing table of talkers.

We even had an impromptu chauffer whose car was the coolest thing ever (Question: how many times can one shout “OMG I love your car so much I want to eat it!” before it gets weird? Asking for a friend…) and made me laugh so hard about something totally inappropriate that I can’t stop saying it to myself. Oh, and on Sunday morning, Bethany made us all breakfast. Note: If you ever find yourself wandering around Vermont with a hankering for croissants and eggs, HUNT HER DOWN.

Below are some pictures from the event, but you can find more HERE (if you attended the event, please add your pics there, too!).

The welcome sign of who’s who with the raffle bowl – lots of happy winners that night!

A raffle at the VT #PeeAlone book signing via @TheKimBongiorno

I was laughing so hard my nose was running from crying, so I was given (quite appropriately) a postnatal pad to blow my nose on.

Postnatal pad as tissue by @TheKimBongiorno of @LetMeStart at #PeeAlone signing in VT

So of course Bethany & I had to try them on. With mesh underpants. Over our clothes.

Kim of @LetMeStart and Bethany of @BPMBadAssMama model postnatal wear at VT #PeeAlone book event

I love these book events, because not only did I get to connect with fans of I JUST WANT TO PEE ALONE, I also got to spend time with My People. 

I met Brenna when a local friend emailed me her viral Toddler Party post three years ago. Despite living hours apart, we’ve made a point to meet up, and every time she laughs at something I say, an angel gets its wings. No one is cooler than her.

Last year at this time, I came across a hilariously clever Facebook Page with about 20 fans that I thought was run by two anonymous genius mothers. It felt special, so I reached out to ‘them’ and then told everyone everywhere to follow that Page. Ends up, it was Bethany, doing her thing. She now has over 12,000 fans.~

She may be anonymous AND not even in the book, but that didn’t stop Allison of MotherhoodWTF? from crashing the party. We started blogging at the same time, met at a Bloggy Boot Camp, and have been friends ever since.

One of the kindest, most generous, lovely people on the internet is Andrea. She makes me – a pretty decent human being – look like I have a soul of coal. And she has the longest eyelashes in the history of the world. I pounced on her when we met last year, and love to stroke her inky mane whenever she lets me.

This was the first time I met Amy, and she deftly jumped right into this group of people who know one another’s history like a pro. I look forward to forcing her back down here to NJ for another book signing soon.

What happens when a collective group like this – who all know and respect and enjoy each other – get to hang out for a weekend?

Laughter to the point of muscle strain. Incessant talking. Lots of eating. Long hugs hello. Even longer hugs goodbye.





I highly recommend finding Your People in any way you can, whether it be at work, your kids’ school, or on the internet (but in a non-creepy way). Being surrounded by people who accept me for what I am, understand where my head is, and encourage me to keep trying to be the best I can be, gives me a calm center in the midst of this crazy life.

The fact that this is now my job, to write what I love and spend time with other creative people while meeting those who read and support us? I’m feeling like one very lucky girl.

Here’s hoping I get to meet more of you as these book events continue, and that you get to find your own People to fill your life with the kind of joy we experienced this weekend.

27 thoughts on “Vermont Book Event Wrap-Up: Friends, Fun & Photos

  1. It was an amazing weekend and I really felt the magic with all of us together. Like old friends with no secrets. It was the biggest highlight of my writing journey. I love being one of Your People. I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Love you, Kim.

  2. lovey… meeting you.. lovey…. reading this piece.. .. lovey… going to the event… only wish i had not left before the pose pads and Mesh panties came out

  3. Love this! I, too, would definitely feel as though an angel got it’s wings if I made Brenna laugh. This looks like a blast and I can’t wait to see some of you again on the 7th!

  4. I loved meeting all you awesome ladies. I am so glad my little “gift” for Bethany was such a hit. You both made them look like high fashion. I think you should build your commune, I mean compound, here. The moms in Brattleboro are super cool.

    1. We are nothing if not fashionistas. Thank you for such a generous gift!
      I love Vermont, and it was so nice to be reminded at how wonderful all the people up there are. It’s like there’s some Vitamin Awesome in your water supply!

  5. I just kept smiling and thinking of how freaking FUN that weekend must have been with you girls together! Oh, how envious I am!! And also how happy I am for YOU. 🙂

  6. And you have such, gorgeous People, Kim–inside in out (and you blow me away with how stunning you all the time). Love you guys and love that you had such an incredible time.

  7. Best weekend I’ve had in ages…so lucky to have you girls as my blog family. I walked away with so much after that experience, one thing I would have liked to walk away with is Brenna’s camera – but alas, I resisted the urge to steal it from her gorgeous neck. Love you and your big fuzzy warm heart. xoox

  8. Wait, what? Blog groupies can go to this stuff??? Yall are all so purdy…I’d give a digit to meet you all! ❤ Devan

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