What Happens in Boonton, Stays in Boonton

Torrential rains tried to keep us away, but nothing can stop the I JUST WANT TO PEE ALONE Fun Train!

IJWTPA in Boonton NJ 060713 with @FunnyIsFamily @NicoleLeighShaw @TheKimBongiorno of @LetMeStart and @AmyBozza

(From left to right)

Amy of Funny is Family

Nicole Leigh Shaw of Ninja Mom Blog

Kim Bongiorno (me!) of Let Me Start By Saying

Amy Bozza of My Real Life

We rallied through the storm to Bobby’s News & Gifts in Boonton, New Jersey for a book signing and reading event during the annual Dog Daze of Summer night on Main Street.

Vino Fine Wines immediately filled our bellies with amazing cheeses and wines upon arrival (seriously, wow), then we greeted umbrella-wielding locals, friends and family to the store full of great gifts and reads for people of any age.

VinoFineWines at BobbysNewsAndGifts in Boonton NJ for the IJWTPA Book Signing 060713
Bobby (left) looks on as Vino’s treats a guest to deliciousness.
Bobbys News And Gifts Boonton NJ I JUST WANT TO PEE ALONE book signing 060713 via @TheKimBongiorno of @LetMeStart
Magazines, books, retro toys, jewelry, life-sized Sesame Street puppets and candy?
Dog Dayz art in the window of Bobby's news & Gifts
Dog Dayz art in the window of Bobby’s news & Gifts

We made sure we looked our best before it came time to read…

IJWTPA Boonton NJ Book Signing 060713 with plucking
Down-to-earth celebrity? CHECK!

And, as is customary, Amy asked the shop owner whether his patrons would be comfortable with a curse or two during our readings. Then I noticed this, and thought Hm…maybe a bit of naughty is ok here:

A little magnet for the fridge in your husband's office. Happy Father's Day, Honey!
A little magnet for the fridge in your husband’s office. Happy Father’s Day, Honey!

Though we were missing one of our Jersey Girls due to a babysitting issues, Anna of Random Handprints, the readings went on as planned to an audience who appreciated the perils, sarcasm, and laughter of parenthood.

Hugs were had, smiles ensued, and when all was said and done (and a few purchases made because – seriously! – how could we sit in there for 3 hours and not leave with a yummy smelling candle and stuff for our kids?), we made a quick stop at Vino’s to BYOB to our group dinner at Top of the Park, an Italian restaurant full of super-friendly people who made garlic bread that I could not. stop. eating.

This penne vodka has been approved by my belly. nomnomnom
This penne vodka has been approved by my belly. nomnomnom

The whole night left us all in high spirits because Bobby was a wonderful host who made us feel welcome, and we appreciated everyone who braved the weather to come support us.

If you’d like to share YOUR photos from the night, please click on over HERE to the Facebook Event page & leave them on there.

Thanks, everyone!

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