Speaking Engagement Announcement: BlogU16

Whatever label you slap on yourself—writer, blogger, author, freelancer, content creator, humorist, essayist, tweeter, Facebooker, memoirist—my guess is that you always want to get better at coming up with new ideas and fresh content for your outlets.

I’ll be at BlogU16 this June to help you with exactly that!


Creating new content: How to come up with ideas for what to write next.


I never get writer’s block and am constantly coming up with new ideas for tweets, blog posts, funny lists, personal essays, short stories, novels, videos, and memes.

I’ve come up with a system that helps me cultivate ideas, and I’d love to share that with other writers who want help getting words on paper/internet. Some things I will cover include:

  • Where to find inspiration
  • How to organize your ideas
  • What to do with your ideas
  • Fleshing out little ideas into finished products
  • What to do when writer’s block does try to sneak in

The class will be interactive, and there will be handouts to help attendees start implementing my tips right away.

Bonus: If you attend, I will have office hours during the conference for one-on-one time, should you have any specific questions or want to talk to me about, well, anything, really. I like to talk to people!


Get your all-inclusive ticket or commuter ticket here.

Click here for more information on other sessions being offered at BlogU16.

I hope to see you there!

BlogU16 featuring Kim Bongiorno speaking about idea cultivation and ending writers block

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